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I finally started a Podcast.

Posted by David on December 12, 2006

Not very long ago I heard about a service called TalkShoe. After a little while I listened to a recording done with TalkShoe and was impressed enough to want to try it out.

What is TalkShoe? It’s a free podcasting service which sets up a conference room which you call into and other can join in on as well. It’s a long distance call for most people unfortunately but I use either Skype or a cell phone which both currently give me free long distance within the US and Canada. Using the downloadable client a show host can unmute new callers so they can participate on the show and be recorded, and anyone who has joined the show using the client can see and type their own chat messages.

Something I found to be extremely nice about TalkShoe is their easy way to monetize your efforts. You make money off of your podcasts depending on how many listeners you get, so far I’ve created one show and already I have a few bucks on there. So I’ve got more incentive to create more and I will be soon. Right now I’m working on show-notes which will also serve as my guide throughout the recording, and I may have one or more small interviews lined up. I may take on a partner as another host and I definitely hope to enlist more staff if the income increases enough.

Check out the description of the show “Programming Programming” on the TalkShoe website and give it a listen, that’s the one I created. You can listen right on the page or download the mp3. Also if you tune in while a show is being recorded you can participate with your phone or by downloading the client, either way you’ll be able to listen in. In any case you can stream the show live right from the website without having to download the client.

If you want to call in the number is (724) 444-7444 and the Talkcast ID is 6846 but you will need a PIN from TalkShoe to get in. More info later!


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