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Posted by David on May 13, 2006

OMG TISVF. Sorry, I almost got stuck there. See folks, acronyms can be dangerous and addictive, as a friend and I just found out today. Okay I'm kidding…

In all honesty; My friend Scott and I were text-chatting today over Google Talk (which I should warn you sometimes yields language which might be considered to be inappropriate for people younger than a certain age) and found ourselves on the subject of Internet Slang or terms used, manipulated and invented for use on the internet (which actually sometimes come from and are used in oral conversation but that's besides this point). So we ended up on this subject because I was looking at Answer.com's article (cited from Wikipedia) about the acronym LOL or lol. The first sentence I read was "LOL is a TLA" and I had to lol pretty hard myself. Because I was already having a conversation with him I sent over the link, we both got a good chuckle out of it. Later Scott told me he was checking out the Internet Slang article from Wikipedia and was amazed at the content, which I later decided to take another look at (we had both checked it out a little less than a month ago). After a while he mentioned something which got us both ROTFLOAO.

Here's the point of this article, our conversation over Google Talk via text messages which I have only edited to bold our names for clarity (which by the way I'm sorry if there's any I missed);


Scott: its funny, noe that i look at "lol", of all the things it says about it on the site, it never mentions anything about the fact that "lol" looks like a person laughing

l-l =straight face lol = laughing face



dob HA! now it has ears




monaghan: that's odd, I never saw that but you're right. I thought at first when I started trying to see it that perhaps it was o = head and ll = arms raised up, but that didn't make much sense




Scott: l-l




monaghan: I never raise my arms to laugh but you know




Scott: lol


hell yeah, i raise my arms and flail them around just to talk regularly




monaghan: rotfl




Scott: l-l








monaghan: lol, that's how we should do it…




Scott: what, like this: dob




monaghan: l-l.. lol……..l-l

to show, I wasn't laughing, then I was for a while, then I stopped




Scott: yeah, then if someone is trying to be funny and they are not actually funny, you could just give them a




monaghan: dob




Scott: ………………………………………..l-l

like that




monaghan: lol

heall yeah




Scott: thats great




monaghan: too funny for acronyms, I mean tffa

which could be a spin off on tff (too fukin funny)

man we are good at this internet slang shit

I'm so going to add what we're talking about here to the WP IS article



(we should just always talk in slang)

(actually we should just talk in acronyms)

lol tff miggp

(man I gotta go piss) actually I don't I just thought it sounded funny




Scott: TFG




monaghan: rotflmao



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