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Woot Blog Podcast, Candy for Your Bluetooth Headset.

Posted by David on April 22, 2006

I know most of you probably don't listen to your podcasts via bluetooth, but I do and some others must as well. Regardless of how you listen this audio show about technological products is a riot, my Mom referred me to it knowing im in to anything technology related and especially those which incorporate humor. More and more humor is being used as a teaching aid, I hope this trend continues because I feel it's easier and faster to learn something using tools which make the information more interesting and therefore more memorable and humor is one of those tools in my opinion.

The shows I've heard have all taken the technology product at hand (I believe it is a product which they are offering on their service, the one product they are offering at the time) and created what seems to be a spoof song with comical lyrics about it. If you haven't already seen and heard this I recommend you take the time to at least give it a try, the blog which has podcast links embed in it is at http://woot.com/blog. This brings up my love of podcasts again, learning via audio recordings is extremely efficient for me, and having automatically retrieved information is almost too good, I am talking about podcasts which are becoming more and more popular because of these and many other reasons.

If you're wondering where the podcast links are on the page I referred to; They are located at the bottom of each post with the text, "Click here to listen to the podcast"


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