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Ruby, Rails and Remarkable Rambling!

Posted by David on April 7, 2006

I've been taking the time to learn Ruby the last couple of weeks, I heard about it for the first time (that I remember) about six months ago, then after hearing more and more about how Ruby on Rails makes developing web applications quick and easy I decided to give it a good investigative look and moved immediately from learning about Ruby and Rails to bumping Ruby up to my new favorite programming language knocking Perl out of the way. I'm not knocking Perl or trying to say that Ruby or any other language is or may be better, in fact if you know Perl and not Ruby I would recommend you use Perl if you've got a job to do and not a lot of free time. On the other hand, I must recommend checking out Ruby and Rails especially if you are a Perl fan.

I'm not going to ramble here, I'm going to give you three links and let you go about your way.

Ruby, Rails, and remarkable rambling.

The Ruby and Rails links are simple, they direct you to the corresponding official sites, what is most special here is the rambling (rambling is probably a bad word to use when describe the content, but it starts with an R arghhh!) Anyway, the link will direct you to Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, it's an amazing combination of comedic fiction and a technical book. The topic? Ruby what else, I don't think Rails is covered in the book although I haven't finished yet. So far I've laughed more than I do when watching South Park or Saturday Night Live and I'm learning more than I usually do from technical documents, the combo really makes for a good introduction to Ruby and languages in general both for beginners and professionals. Sprinkled between code examples and extremely well written descriptions of Ruby's various features are funny comic strips which completely interact with the user and the book making for an extremely pleasurable and enlightening experience, two feeling rarely found together especially in technical documents (and fiction if you are like me, and I mean enlightened and not pleasured but I obviously don't read much fiction so I don't mean to insult any authors, I probably haven't read your book(s) yet). This online book is freely available and is under construction at the time this article was written.

By the way my Mom has been loving it so far too, she likes off the wall humor. I can't wait to see if it gets her interested enough to read the entire document, she's already picked it back up (metaphorically speaking) a couple times. If she does finish it or at least read another chapter I know she'll pick up at least some of the programming concepts mentioned, and trust me the author's interest in humor, fiction and cartoons doesn't seem to have an impact at all in their technical knowledge; In fact the combination makes for a much better information vehicle, the examples are directly related to the crazy story and are explained using an imaginary world which revolves around the user learning Ruby (some of the characters have even read the book and know some or most of Ruby's functionality). Hope you check it out, if not you're really missing out on some great material.

Thanks Why!

If you are a developer you should also check out RadRails, an IDE built on top of the Eclipse framework, wow.


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