Technology Blog, by: David Monaghan.

What I am Listening to Right Now.

Posted by David on December 30, 2005

I don't know the name of the song or the artist of the music currently playing on my desktop computer in my bedroom as I lie in bed and type this post on my new laptop, and there is a perfectly good reason; I am using Pandora.com as an internet radio. Now you may wonder what makes Pandora any different from the rest of the internet radio out there, and if so you asked the perfect question. Pandora doesn't just play any music, it plays the music you tell it to. Now you can't just go and type in a song name and start playing the song, Pandora is for a different purpose and that is finding new music that you would like based on music you already like. By entering an artist or song name into Pandora's online interface you start a radio station which plays music similar to your selection. Besides that you can add multiple artists/songs to a station, skip forward through songs, and let Pandora know if you like or dislike any music it plays. Pandora doesn't plays the songs in good quality through a flash interface which keeps the music flowing as long as there are more songs in the genome project database which match your interest.

If you don't believe this is worth listening to try it out yourself, I have to say it is a must for anyone seeking new things to try. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: April 4th 2006: After about a month of usage I stopped visiting Pandora because I experience frequent stops in the audio which hasn't seemed to be fixed, and I'm pretty sure it's not my computer although I haven't asked around to validate this. In any case, I really think the idea is solid but until the service can function without pause I won't be using it (I also found a mirror which hooks up Pandora and last.fm, pretty cool but same problems). Perhaps I'm having problems with the player itself, I'm not so sure but I do hope in the future I will have more luck.


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