Technology Blog, by: David Monaghan.

Thank You for Upgrading.

Posted by David on December 18, 2005

Hello all, thanks for visiting Upgrade and reading our obligatory first post. My name is David, and as the sole author, editor, and administrator at this time I will be introducing you to this blog, and bringing you up to speed with today’s technology. As a technology hobbyist it is my privilege to familiarize my family and friends with new and upcoming technology products and services especially when it can improve their quality of life. This blog will be my publishing house for the information I wish to share with these and any other people who wish to take part in receiving and inquiring about such things.

“Why use a blog to keep people updated?” – That is exactly the question you should be asking right now, especially if you haven’t had previous experience with blogs before, and I would love to point out the many great benefits that publishing information in a blog has over using word of mouth, email, or even other publishing systems.

  • RSS (really simple syndication) – RSS gives readers a way to easily collect articles in their own reader without using a web browser. A good blog has RSS, and a good blogging service offers RSS by default.
  • Archival – Everything you put into your journal stays there, and that means you can read it a gain at a later date, which for humans, a species which normally can’t remember every detail of something that happened a decade, century, year, month, week, day, hour, or even minute ago, having a record that you can reference from later is very handy and in some cases important.
  • Distribution – Compared to word of mouth using a news system is infinitely better, in that each time something happens each person needs to be told. If we multiply the number of people that need to be informed by the number of events which happen in our lives, you can see how obviously much of our time is going into repeating information.
  • Formatting – Like a word processor document, a blog entry can be made up of formatted text often using HTML or CSS.

As a gift for reading this first post, I would like to present you with two services which I just recently got acquainted with; LogMeIn and Hamachi. LogMeIn and Hamachi are both free services (or more accurately have free versions of their service) which I ran into on my quest for the holy grail of secure WAN connectivity. I got both pieces of information from a security podcast (apparently a very good one as I have pulled 3 very valuable pieces of information from just a small handful of their podcasts) called Security Now! with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, if you don’t listen to it already please do. LogMeIn is a service which allows you to remotely control a Windows PC using ActiveX, Java, or HTML over HTTPS, and Hamachi is a TCP UDP wrapper which allows you to set up virtual networks which easily traverse NAT firewalls, which you could use for remote desktop control, file sharing, or anything else you would do over such a network. Each of the services use 256 bit encryption so your information is kept safe, and because they use SSH (port 2073) you don’t have to configure your firewall as long as it let’s 2073 pass (which most do because it is reserved for such encrypted traffic) probably best described on their website or by Steve Gibson on their corresponding web sites.

For those of you who aren’t interested in remote administration or vitual secured networks, perhaps you would be interested in starting a blog, collecting your RSS feeds, 2GB of email storage, sharing photos, sharing videos, contributing to or reading from an open source encyclopedia, free eBooks, a tag based bookmark service, or just some ordinary fun.


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